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     in aClick here to visit archl1 home, or if you want to be technical, the address is www.archl1home.wordpress.com – how original! I am going to use it to put fun stuff on which may amuse you, and keep this blog for pure work purposes. Enjoy!

    N.B. I have now added a hilarious video, and radio clip of Mr C, so I strongly suggest you check it out!!

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    We have a fast approaching Chemistry Test, so I thought I would jot down some useful revision here.


    The periodic table is a way of sorting all the elements.

    An element is something that cannot be broken down any further, 1 atom.  Lots of elements mixed together make materials. Everything is made of materials.

    The elements are sorted by groups and periods. Groups go vertically (downwards), and periods go horizontally (across).

    The periodic table was invented by a russian scientist called Mendeleev. (pronounced Mendel-ee-ev)

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    Next Latin Lesson, we have a vocab test for Stage 2. Below is the vocab we have to learn.

    amicus – friend           

    ancilla – slave girl, Maid                   

    cena – dinner              

    cibus – food                           

    dominus – master      

    dormit – sleeps, is sleeping

    intrat – enters              

    laetus – happy                                   

    laudat – praises, is praising          

    mercator – merchant            

    quoque – also                

    salutat – greets, is greeting

    So far, we have learnt that all Latin words are written in the nominative or accusative case. Nominative words are the ‘subject’ of the sentence, and accusative words are the ‘direct object’ of the sentence. Click here for a revision sheet to help you learn the words.