This is all my Iceland stuff!!! it has to go down as the holiday of a lifetime, so this is the place to come for pics and stuff!

 The freezing canyon of glacial melt water where i fell in while white water rafting!


Rainbow over the biggest and most beautiful icelandic waterfall, dettifoss!


 This was the massive crater which we walked up…. the only problem was, every step you took up, you slid down half a step because it was ash, and it was so blinkin steep lol!


 Mud geysers…. they are a sight to behold!

Godafoss the waterfall – wow!

Geyser in action… goes every 10 days so how lucky were we to see it….. what a sight!!!

Gullfoss- as you stood on the rock, it shook!!!

Turf church – It was turf seats and stuff inside as well!

This was a haycart ride across the marsh to an island. all the sand is black in iceland, because it is volcanic ash.

Deserted interior – the centre of iceland where no-one goes… spooky!!

Dettifoss – like the rainbow, this is the waterfall! WOW! that is one awesomely powerful waterfall

The tents we were in… they were tiny and VERY cold. this is at the myvatn campsite…. thats me pointing out our 2 tents!


One Response to “Iceland”

  1. scuth1 Says:

    Wow Lucy! I am sooooo jealous of you. It looks like you had an amazing time. Shame about the tents though!

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