In French at the moment we are learning all about clothing,  how to say whether it suits us or not, colours, and the three different words for this and that depending on whether the word was feminine, masculine and plural.  It was quite good on Friday 6th October, because we had Jeans for Genes day, so we could all say we were wearing different things, not just everyone wearing school uniform.

First of all, here are the words which we learnt for clothes and shoes. The un, une and des in front of the words are really important, because you wouldn’t say ‘some tie’. You’d say ‘a tie’.

Un Pull Jumper

Un Pantalon Trousers

Une Jupe Skirt

Un Sweat Sweatshirt

Des Chaussettes Socks

Des Chaussures Shoes

Un Short Shorts

Un Tee-shirtT-Shirt

Des Sandales Sandals

Un Jean Jeans

Une Robe Dress

Une Cravate Tie

Une Chemise Shirt

Un Veste Jacket (formal)

Un Blouson Jacket (informal)

Des Baskets Trainers

Des Bottes Boots

I find it quite helpful to have a revision sheet for every topic. So click here to see one I made for clothes.